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The Ascetic Knight Ask your DM if he will allow Ascetic Knight to be allowed in place of Knight Training and/or Monastic Training. Wisdom to Armor Class: Argent Fist Holy Armor (Ex): Beginning at 2nd level, you retain the AC bonus granted by your monk levels (including Wisdom bonus to AC), even when wearing armor or carrying a shield or a medium or ...


Just came across this, so I wanted to add it to the list: Argent fist (Faiths of Eberron) is a prestige class for paladin/monks. At 2nd level, it gains the ability to retain the monk Wisdom-to-AC while wearing armor.


Ugh, found my own answer on page 460. Yes, include dexterity modifier if being held by a creature. From that page, emphasis mine: General descriptions include notes on activation, random generation, and other material. The AC, hardness, hit points, and break DC are given for typical examples of some magic items. The AC assumes that the item is ...

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