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This is the symbol for the magic school of Abjuration. You can see it on a lot of different items in the 5E DMG, all of which function by protecting the user in some way: the Ring of Protection, the Scarab of Protection, and the Spellguard Shield, to name a few. You can see the symbols for all the schools in this image from the 3.5 PHB. In the image, the ...


This is one of the "portentous runes & glyphs" from the World of Greyhawk boxed set. Here's a pdf of the page on Greyhawk Online (go to the end). It means "uncertain, questionable." Also known as Gygax's rune system, they found their way into many AD&D adventures and such. Greyhawk wise, they appeared on p29-32 of the 1980 Folio, p17 of the Guide, ...

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