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From my experience, one of the most useful tools for an artificer is a Dedicated Wright (ECS p. 285). Get one of these and carry it around in a cart, or later a portable hole or something, and it can build stuff for you as you adventure. The Exceptional Artisan feat cuts the time by 25%, but personally, I'm not a fan of it, as the Wright covers most of the ...


Look at the The Unofficial Artificer Player's Guide 3.0. This is an extremely thorough guide to understanding and utilizing the potential power of the articifer. It discusses everything you might want to know and so much more, including a step by step and simple guide to item creation. For those wanting to optimize their artificer, it is definitely the ...


You're Correct The spell repair light damage [trans] (ECS 114) says, in part, When laying your hands upon a construct that has at least 1 hit point remaining, or a living construct with –9 or more hit points, you transmute its structure to repair damage it has taken. A construct "is an animated object or artificially constructed creature" (MM 306). A ...


By the official rules, yes, you are correct: “Construct” refers to “Construct-type creatures.” I would say that there is no harm in allowing repair light damage et al. to repair objects as well, but I would houserule that specifically; there are likely cases where reading “Construct” as including constructed objects will cause problems.

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