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It turns out that there are a number of different ways to speed up this process. The fastest option may or may not be available to a specific character, so let me try and include not only that option but some other alternatives as well. There were already four answers when I posted this one, and I've drawn a lot of ideas from those answers. Fastest The ...


Just take the Two-Fisted Shooter feat and move on. You can treat the hand crossbow as an off-hand weapon, and you can reload it one-handed as a free action. When you score a critical hit and have a loaded hand crossbow in your off hand, you can make a ranged basic attack with that weapon as a free action. (MP 140) This will let you reload a hand ...


I'd avoid the issue by getting a Ruby Scabbard (Adventurer's Vault), since it allows the associated weapon to be drawn as part of the same action made to attack with it. So he would just whip it out to stab someone in a single, fluid movement. So he would sheathe the rapier as a minor action, reload as free then just draw it again whenever he uses it.


I find your methodology questionable. Of course it is a DM ruling and you are the DM, but consider for the free load to work you must have a free hand. Quick Swap is based on a single continuous motion to switch from one weapon to another, as an example slip your dagger in its sheaf on the down stroke and pull your sword on the continued motion up stroke. ...


Your interpretation makes sense to me. As for versimilitude, I would have the character install hooks on his belt which assist him with one-handed reloading. These have the side-effect of adding flair to the outfit.

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