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Your examples are distinct Damage rolls, in particular, are completely different from any other check, since they do not use a d20, but rather anywhere from 1d2 to 2d6 (and that’s just for player-race-sized options!) plus various “damage bonuses” that vary from weapon to weapon (non-composite projectile weapons get none, light weapons get ...


Dexterity and Strength-based checks are affected by Armor Class Penalty. Damage and attack rolls are not thusly affected. That is because, despite being 'rolls', they are not skill checks. Similarly, ability-checks do not (normally) cause damage, they are not attack rolls and they certainly are NOT damage rolls. They may have similarities at a ...


They are all distinct. Basically, unless a game says that two different but similar things are the same for some purpose or other, they're not. Otherwise the rulebooks would be three thousand pages long, noting every possible fact and interaction explicitly.

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