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Since previous edition references are OK, this is what the 3.5e Monster Manual has to say (page 312, under natural attacks): Slap or Slam: The creature batters opponents with an appendage, dealing bludgeoning damage.


Shield specifically specifies that you are "hit" with an attack. Parry specifies that you are damaged. Generally things that allow you to use your reaction will proc on one of several conditions: You are targeted. You take this action before you know the outcome of the roll You are hit. You take this action after you know the outcome of the roll You take ...


A slam attack is basically a very forceful, blunt, body attack. Picture a zombie attacking, it's not going to punch you. It's going to slowly and methodically hit you with it's arms, or headbutt. With something that moves a bit quicker, like a doppleganger, this is representative of the fact that it can attack in numerous different humanoid forms. So ...

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