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Touch = Melee range for all intents and porpoises. It does not tell you about what the power's attack roll/saving throw/action is. The text of the Lay On Hands ability states: As an action, you can touch a creature and draw power from the pool to restore a number of hit points to that creature, up to the maximum amount remaining in your pool. ...


No. The Attack action is a specific action that you take in combat, which can include multiple attacks. From page 71 of the Player's Basic Rules: Attack The most common action to take in combat is the Attack action, whether you are swinging a sword, firing an arrow from a bow, or brawling with your fists. With this action, you make one melee ...


From the SRD entry on Animal Companions: Animal Companion Basics: Use the base statistics for a creature of the companion’s kind, but make the following changes. [...] Bonus HD: [...] An animal companion gains additional skill points and feats for bonus HD as normal for advancing a monster’s Hit Dice. So, they start with the skills listed in ...


Lay on Hands is not normally used for an attack, and isn't an attack. It's an ability you can use when you can literally lay your hands onto a creature. You can argue it into an "attack" several ways, but all such arguments are trying to rely on strict rules for this corner case in a game that doesn't have strict rules for corner cases; a game that instead ...


Yes, it applies to every successful attack, like it says in the ability. Works just like paladin's smite evil and various other abilities in the game.


You encoded the logic wrong is all. You should have a statement in the premises: (B^~C)->A "But where does that come from?" Outside the text you quoted. This text does not tell you when B is true—when you are permitted to make a normal attack is established elsewhere. You're also missing some conditionals to represent being on/off-turn, which is ...


You are confusing "attack" for "attack of opportunity." Without Improved Unarmed Strike, you do not count as armed with unarmed strikes. So you can attack with them, though you incur attacks of opportunity from those who are armed when you do. And you do not gain attacks of opportunity when foes provoke them. But you can certainly attack someone while ...


A terkow is a variant Vampire. The blood drain and energy drain abilities are unchanged and can be found here, in the SRD.


Lay On Hands isn't an attack... It is merely an action that let's you restore HP or remove specific conditions. There is no language about it healing or damaging certain types of creatures as channel divinity had in various versions of the playtest. As written Lay on Hands simply effects the target if you trigger it in range.

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