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You use WIS, because inflict wounds is a melee spell attack, not a melee weapon attack. It seems like you're a little unclear on the distinction, which is blurring some lines. Inflict wounds requires you to make a melee spell attack. PHB p. 205 tells us that this will use your spellcasting modifier; WIS for your Clerical spellcasting ability. Basically, it'...


I think you're conflating two different things here. First, I recommend taking a look at PHB page 192. It starts a list of Actions In Combat. The first one is Attack, and the second is Cast a Spell. Typically you only get to do one of these on your turn. Attack is what you would do with your short sword, and it is indeed based on your choice of either your ...


The general rule, as you say, is that highest BAB goes first, and the haste attacks (or what have you) have the same BAB as your highest attack. Nothing in the description of haste counters this general rule, so it still applies. In case it ever matters, you (the player) decide if the haste attack comes after or before the first BAB attack.


Most of modifiers affecting a regular attack would affect violent thrust. Violent thrust You must succeed on attack rolls (one per creature or object thrown) to hit the target with the items, using your base attack bonus + your Intelligence modifier (if a wizard) or Charisma modifier (if a sorcerer). Attack roll An attack roll represents your ...

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