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You have bite as a primary attack, and claws x2 as primary attacks. Primary attacks (type): bite, slam, gore, claws, sting, talons, stomp They receive full bab and add full strength bonus to damage. Secondary attacks (type): Hoof, Tentacle, Wing, Pincers, Tail Slap They take -5 to attack rolls and only add 1/2 strength bonus. Notice talons, claws, and ...


I point you to the Golden Rule of Fate: Decide what you’re trying to accomplish first, then consult the rules to help you do it. What would it look like in-fiction? Is it a preemptive strike, designed to cause confusion right before the battle? That's creating an advantage. Do you want it to be an attack that does stress? Then treat it as an attack. ...


You use The Bronze Rule, AKA the Fate Fractal, and treat those environmental factors/Aspects as characters, allowing them to make an attack (emphasis mine): In Fate, you can treat anything in the game world like it’s a character. Anything can have aspects, skills, stunts, stress tracks, and consequences if you need it to. This is called this the ...


Simple: The PC rolls an attack action when the device activates. The planting is just a story detail that justifies an attack by an absent PC. Of course it is a good idea to create an advantage when planting, so that it can be invoked during the attack, or compelled to complicate matters.


You have one regular attack and one extra attack. You can attack one target twice and one target once, or three different targets once. This is not quite the same as three attacks, as three attacks would allow you to attack one target thrice, while Horde Breaker requires that you attack a different target. But yes, the total of attacks is 3.


Yes, you make three attacks. With Extra Attack you attack twice when taking the Attack action. Having attacked with a weapon, you satisfy the prereq for Horde Breaker, and can now make another attack. Note that PHB5e ca. p.194 helps draw the distinction between "Attack action" and "make an attack."


You are correct, it does not affect spells. Eldritch Blast states you “Make a ranged spell attack,” therefore it is not affected by Sharpshooter.


No. But remember: a single attack in Dungeons and Dragons doesn't necessarily correspond to a single strike with a weapon - just a concerted effort to inflict harm to a target with a weapon. While it's possible to imagine that combat involves characters and monsters facing off for a few seconds, then each making one strike, and then settling back to a ...


Nope. You only get one attack per action, unless you have the extra attack feature. You can also make additional attacks with your bonus action if using light one handed weapons (can be improved with class features or feats). No amount of dextery will affect your attack options if you are going by the rulebooks.

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