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To the first question. Yes, "If you're able to make multiple attacks with the Attack action, this attack replaces one of them." (PHB 195) So yes you can attack again if you grapple with your first action. You are not limited to whom you attack, so anyone in reach including the grappled opponent is fine. Your opponent is only frozen in place. That is the ...


To grapple someone, you need a hand dedicated to it. Otherwise, there aren't any restrictions about attacks. Yes, you can Attack them. Yes, they can Attack you or someone else nearby. Think of it like you grabbed them by the shoulder. They can't move away unless they can shake you off, but otherwise they can act normally. Advantage / disadvantage doesn't ...


No. I don't think there is quite a rule that covers this. But the damage from Witch's Bolt's add on feature would be counted the same way as other kinds of no-save damage is counted (Magic Missile for example. It's not a part of the attack roll's damage roll, and thus is not doubled if you roll a critical on the original attack.

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