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There are some examples of novels/series where this has been done in this question, so this is definitely not outside of the realm of possibilities. As to your specific points: One of the downfalls of most fantasy novels isn't the fact that they are genre fiction, but because of the fact that the writing is pretty bad. Though collaboration is quite ...


Do you have the time to write for at least one hours a day, every day? Do you have the drive to throw away all that you did and start over? Do you have the self confidence to be told "this is crap", re-write it just to be told "it's still crap" and re-write it again -- repeat this loop many times? Are you happy waiting many years and get hundreds of ...


Tracy Hickman has indicated on several occasions that much of the Dragonlance content was inspired by his own experiences playing with Margaret Weis and several other (at the time) TSR employees.


I'm not sure if these qualify, but here are a few examples: -Rob Kuntz of Pied Piper Publishing has publishing modules such as the Living Room based on his Game Master experiences from the early days of Dungeons and Dragons. -The hit anime/novels Records of Lodoss War actual began as an actual play recounting of a RPG session in Japan. -Ed Greenwood ...


All the advice previously here is great advice.. and should be heeded. I have tried several times. Novel writing is VERY different from writing encounters/plots or even settings. My players constantly tell me i should publish... but thats a whole level of commitment (as noted previously by others) that most people do not seem to have. My advice is to write ...


I had one long campaign after which on of the players and I considered doing this, but going back and bowdlerizing all the IP was a showstopper; it was obviously D&D/Greyhawk/Night Below and other adventures. Firstly, forget having everyone write a part and stitch it together - at least not if you want it to be a real, publishable-quality novel, unless ...


Also my current favorite fantasy series Malazan Book of the Fallen by Stephen Erickson started out as a GURPS fantasy campaign he had. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malazan_Book_of_the_Fallen

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