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Let's look at the book, shall we? Martial Arts does not make a Monk weapon finessable. However, there are two Monk weapons that have finesse: dagger and short sword. Please note, according to the weapons table, unarmed strike does NOT have finesse. So, RAW, you CAN use Defensive Duelist if you use a dagger or a short sword.


Considering you're only planning on taking one level of Monk, I'm not sure getting a whole feat for martial arts is really a fair trade. First level Monk martial arts isn't that great. You get a bonus action attack that adds your Dex, (And can use dex for melee with non-finesse weapons), but, ultimately, it's a d4 damage die. That's small potatoes and comes ...


One of the developers of the new Demon line wrote about how he hates the idea of game balance. I tend to agree. You are never going to equalize the potential of nWoD beings across all situations; their powers are too different and versatile. Forget about balance. Instead, you can make sure that no character overshadows another. Each template has something ...


if I have a character that does or seems to outstrip the other characters in terms of effectiveness, how can I adjust to at least mitigate the resulting problems (over and done encounters, PC envy)? That seems to me like it should be the GM's responsibility, rather than yours. If you are trying to reduce your PC's effectiveness, then you might even be ...

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