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The only ways to stop a barbarians rage is for him to either attack or take damage (assuming you don't want to have to go through his entire HP supply to knock him out). So if you're trying to stop him, you'll need spells like Command, Charm Person, etc... to make him stop attacking (note: won't work on a level 6 or higher Berserker, they're immune to ...


A net. A successful hit restrains a large or smaller creature. They can use their action to escape with a strength check or cut their way out but either of those will end the rage as long as nobody has dealt damage to them.


Are there any other abilities that can be used, other than to KO the user, avoid being attacked by them, and avoid attacking them (dealing damage)? There are three ways to end rage. The ways you end rage are explicitly detailed in the PHB It ends early if you are knocked unconscious or if your turn ends and you haven’t attacked a creature since ...


I had to consider how to take out a barbarian a while back. I came down to 2 options. Let him rage then back away from him. If he gains a level of exhaustion then even better. Prevent him from attacking. Use the calm emotions spell. I think it might be up to the DM but I'm sure that would do it.


I'm not sure what you're expecting, but there does not appear to be any item or spell that ends a Barbarian's Rage directly. There are of course a multitude of items, spells, and even class features that can end a Rage indirectly, using one of the conditions listed in the Rage ability. It might be worth noting that your bolded text does not include all of ...


A barbarian/bard can, while in a while rage, start and continue a bardic performance—maybe The bard's bardic performances say nothing about concentrating and only a handful mandate Perform skill checks (countersong, distraction, et al.), making the others possibly usable while in a rage. However, performances do require using some kind of action to start ...


To rehash the answer in the comments (thank you lithas). There is a class that is a raging bard called a Skald.

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