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Your best bet is to download the System Reference Documents for 3.5, and copy paste them yourself. It's a little labor intensive, but it does mean that you have the formatting just how you like.


Bards have two things going for them. 1) They have abilities that benefit that effects all allies. 2) They are able to fill in for (almost) any role. Ability 1's power is proportional to number of players. Ability 2's power is proportional to the number of roles not filled within the party. So the bard is amazing in a group of 10 fighters and the bard, ...


It is NEVER hurting the party to be a bard! A group of 4 is actually the average every table and chart is compared to. Above 4 and you're getting into EZ-Mode , and below 4 and things start to be a bit more difficult. So a group of 4 PLUS a Bard is pretty nifty. If the other classes are well rounded, then you shouldn't have many problems. Bards are ...

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