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I've been doing some thinking about this recently. I'm not aware of any published contract system that does exactly what you want - so I'm writing one. There are two obvious measures of a unit's asset value: the BV (as a metagame measure of combat power) and the cash (C-Bill) value of the mech assets. (Cash values are listed on all the recent edition ...


The Battlecorps product page answers the question: Important Notice: Classic BattleTech RPG is a fourth printing of MechWarrior, Third Edition, with only the cover image and title of the book changing. No other changes have been made to the text.


The 4th Edition of Mechwarrior is entitled A Time of War. A constantly updated Beta version was available as a pdf for quite some time before the print version of the game was launched in hardcover late in 2010. A Time of War replaces previous editions, and is the first to integrate nearly seamlessly with Battletech. It has several things in common with ...


Have you looked at the 'revised worksheet' under the errata section? It seems to have a fairly sophisticated contract worksheet among other things.


The tabletop or boardgame of Battletech has long been the primary focus of the Battletech designers. In all previous incarnations of the Battletech RPG (with various names - A Time of War is just the latest), the Core RPG rulebook referred players to the tabletop game for mech stats, or to play games focused on mech combat. As far as I can tell, this edition ...


Given the arbitrary nature of your Experienced/Veteran definition (per the discussion in comments), there are three methods for determining this that I see, both of which require you to make judgment calls: 1) After determining how much XP you are aiming to give out in an average session, determine how long you think a player should play a character (either ...


While the rules for doing vehicle combat are included in the core book, actual Vehicle stats are not included. This is because (like in older editions) the information for 'Mechs is not as simply as a two line stat block. To properly be displayed, it takes at least half of a page. This is why they defer to Total Warfare for the larger scale combat and to ...


The response from Catalyst Game Labs on their Rules Questions forum clarifies that the aimed shot rules do not interact with the Angle of Attack rules, thus validating Example number 2 in the original question. This means that a player declaring their character will aim at a specific body location will either hit that location or miss the body completely.

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