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Paizo claims even permanent markers (Sharpie) will come off if you draw over it with a dry-erase marker first. http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2hgqy?FlipMat-Issues I don't think I'd try permanent marker, but wet-erase and dry-erase are both proven options (according to Paizo reviews/threads). Dry-erase can stain proper dry-erase boards when left long enough, ...


If it is the style of battle map found here then the markers I see used most often(and with best results), are wet erase style. However the website does list as any marker being usable. Looking at the beginner box page, it seems like it uses the above battle map, but since I don't actually own it, I can't say 100%


All the resources you mention are good. You should also have a look at the Adventure Paths from Paizo, which are complete adventures that will take your heroes from level 1 up to high levels. And there are many to choose from!


Paizo provides a free Basic Box Transitions PDF to help you migrate from the beginner box to the main game. Also there is an extensive Forum Post detailing the differences - the summary is that the rules aren't different, just many rules are removed for the beginner box. More detailed overview of the Forum post: Races Only Dwarf, Elf and Human ...


I've also looked at the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box GM Kit but I can't tell if that's a complete adventure, or just tools for creating my own. This contains a similar one-shot adventure that you can use, but mostly contains more gear/creatures that are compatible with the Beginner Box rules. It also contains 2 pages of details/advice for ...


Pathfinder Pathfinder's box set is, in my opinion, one of the nicest self-contained game presentations I've ever seen. I'd recommend it without a second doubt; it has folding maps and cardboard character printouts with bases that immediately offer a low-budget battle map, and it has enough content to give players a bunch of fun. Plus, Pathfinder's SRD is ...


Personally when I make my first PC in a game system they are somewhat flawed that I figure out somewhere in play. It appears that maybe your group is not similarly afflicted. Either way, I would recommend you chart your future course as follows: New PCs or keep old ones? Pull each player aside and ask them what they like about their current character and ...


There will be a lot of changes, but I wouldn't call any of them game breaking. Most if not all of the rules are expanded/enhanced in the full rulebooks, and there are a truckload or two of more options for both players and the GM. The way my GM did it when we switched, was to sit down with everyone, hand out new character sheets, and have the players ...


Personal experience answer here (I own the beginner box). The flip mat in mine is a semi-rigid glossy cardstock like material. I use dry erase markers on mine. It wipes off easily. I have also used permanent marker. The permanent market came off easily after writing over it with a dry erase marker.

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