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Currently is the only book out that is solely the new rules without any splat is: World of Darkness: The God-Machine Chronicle which is just an upgrade / translation guide towards the nwod 2nd edition. As Nyoze has pointed out the "true" 2nd edition nwod book is currently still unreleased but will come out. So far there has been no info if it will contain ...


It hasn't been released yet While you can use the updated rules contained within Vampire: The Requiem 2e, and other updated 2e products, the Second Edition Core nWoD rulebook is currently slated for release in the Northern Hemisphere's Summer of 2015. Check out the publisher's website at The Onyx Path for more information.


My GM finally got up and around some today. The book is called Background & Details Kit by Ennead Games


Short answer: To get all the "official" things you can use for player characters, buy the PHB and download the EE Player's Companion. To summarise player-character-oriented rules: Player's Basic Rules Version (free) Races: Dwarf (Hill, Mountain), Elf (High, Wood), Halfling (Lightfoot, Stout), Human. Classes: Cleric (Life domain), Fighter (Champion ...


Open grave was designed more as a GM expansion than a player expansion. Summoning extra creatures for PC to use has (and will likely always be) a source of contention. Rather than feed the fires of the "overpowered" clan the designers simply sidestepped the issue. If you look at RAW than nope- no can do, they are essentially undead pack mules. That ...

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