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There's a good discussion of how to break out the costs of muse improvement over at the official Eclipse Phase forum: http://www.eclipsephase.com/nonstandard-muses . Note that if they're coming up with their own rules for this in the EP forum, it's because it's not covered in the books.


There doesn't seem to be a formal god of kender specifically, but some sources ascribe divinity to a figure named Uncle Trapspringer. He's referenced in the Notable Kender section on Wikipedia, and the Kencyclopedia (I'm not making that up) homebrews 2nd-edition-style specialty priests for priests who revere Uncle Trapspringer. An entire book, Tales of Uncle ...


I think that that would be the 'Dragonlance Campaign Setting', I will double check this when I get home and get in my garage box (none of my groups wish to allow or even consider any of the DL material for our game). [EDIT: I added my reasoning based on the mentioned book at the bottom of this post] Cover shot of the book: I dug up my old book and the ...

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