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Take a look at Azura's Wrath, a game for Xbox 360. It have a fantastic plot with a twist on what a daeva actually is. Demon: The Fallen is not exactly about Divs but can be easily adapted to your needs. It's the closest to what you need that I can think of. Aion is an MMO with two angelic factions that have some solid lore, and their schemes can be ...


This forum thread has an ACKS-style campaign map and regional map, and descriptions of the various realms including population densities, major cities, and trade routes. It goes some way towards what you are looking for. Also this one (a different GM, still using ACKS) has some more piece by piece development and description.


Part of running a campaign without combat is having characters that are not all about combat but still interesting. The player characters are central to the story, so unsurprisingly their core competencies shape how they solve problems and what problems are important to them. How about a guild of thieves trying to make their way? A cabal of secretive wizards ...


There are several types of mission archetypes that are common to P'n'P games in my experience (and this is not an exhaustive list but it's pretty close to it): Extermination A simple kill-job that has the player characters violently eliminate a particular group of enemies or as many enemies as they can until the mission parameters are satisfied with the ...


Go Play! I haven't played a table top RPG before Do that. You have friends who according to what you wrote, want you to play. Ask them if you can be a player first, or at least watch them play. Being a player isn't the same as being a GM, but since the GM sets the game up for the players, if you get some experience playing you will understand a lot ...


You're right that GMing is not just about writing—in fact, "frustrated writer syndrome" is often a problem that bad GMs have, since roleplaying is a shared creation and sticking to a specific plot is often un-fun for the rest of the players, and doesn't really suit the medium. When writing you control the protagonists, but in roleplaying the GM by ...


Mark Rosenfelder's Planet Construction Kit book doesn't act as a generator by itself, but it gives you step-by-step instructions for figuring out the history of your society.


Dawn of Worlds is a collaborative narrative game in which two or more people portray the "gods" of a fantasy world and create the world's history in three "ages". It's free and fun. In your case, I would simply start in the Third Age. It's possible to play it solo, although it's more fun if you get someone else involved.


The simulationist computer game Dwarf Fortress (http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/) has a 'legends' mode that is, in essence, a world history generator and will also provide an (evolving) map. It is noted for its depth in culture/world details, so it might be a good fit; and our gaming group has used it for world map/location/NPC generation.


Microscope is an rpg that, over the course of play, generates a history. You can use it to create a shared world as a group, and then bootstrap into using it as a setting for a different rpg.


While not specifically ACKS, I have worked examples for each step of my How to build a fantasy sandbox series. The authors of ACKS and I correspond and have exchanged ideas so there are some common issue we both address. In the post there is a link to a PDF Download.

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