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Name things in accordance to your setting. That is names of PC's. A Germanic name as 'Feldgar' sounds medieval, while a name as 'Claudius' sounds Roman. But also names of objects, e.g. use 'gladius' instead of (short) sword. Use imagery. For example, use a printout of the floor plan of an actual Roman villa, of Bathhouse, when describing the entrance into ...


You may be fighting a losing battle. If the players aren't buying into "my world" and you are not keeping up the feel yourself even, then perhaps just go with that. After all it should really be "our world" not "my world" shouldn't it?


For Ancient Rome I recommend HR5 The Glory of Rome Campaign Sourcebook from TSR for 2nd Edition AD&D. The entire HR series of books is a great source for running historical European setting campaigns. I also recommend HR1 Vikings Campaign Sourcebook and HR3 Celts Campaign Sourcebook. For the Han Dynasty I recommend GURPS Classic: China from Steve ...


The Case for Eberron, Itself Yeah, I know, no one’s ever written, or ever will write, an Eberron book for Pathfinder. That would be in violation of some copyright and trademark law (unless Wizards did it, but obviously they won’t). But setting information doesn’t mind itself very much with mechanics. Eberron Campaign Setting has only a limited amount of ...

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