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Remember that changelings have a dual nature: one real and one chimerical. The chimerical nature is what can feed from something similar to emotions. I say similar because the emotion of the dreamer is not actually important, and many changelings do not care about what the dreamer feels. It's the creativity or the destruction of creativity what changelings ...


Wraiths could do this on their own without a separate, non-Wraith "emotion controller". Although interacting with people an objects in the Skinlands (what Wraiths call the world of the living) isn't easy there are multiple Arcanoi that can do it. A circle of Wraiths who want to "loosh farm" would need to tailor their skills to the task, but it's plausible ...


It seems like the the 'flavor text' of the various Storyteller games seems to allow this as a possibility, especially in the case of Banes corrupting people, but I don't recall seeing a Charm written up with specific rules for doing it. It seems like something that would be pretty universal across Spirits but it's not in the like of common Charms, like ...


Wraiths in W:tO are disembodied and they do harvest some emotions. Unfortunately I don't remember much from the book (I've only read 2ed book and it was quite a time ago). One thing that I do remember is that in Infinite Tapestry book those wraiths are called Umbrood too.

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