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Your damage does not increase by level. (1) (1) At least not directly. You get more feats, hit more often, have higher base stats, may aquire magic items and get stronger spells. But the raw damage does not increase. If a weapon does 1d6 damage, it does so, regardless of your level. Exceptions will be noted in the damage text.


Weapon damage dice never increase with level; they can increase with greater character size and occasionally with class features (mostly Monk and company) or feats, but never directly with level.


PC advancement as a deity is entirely handled by DM fiat. The rules for initially becoming a god and later becoming a more powerful god are left intentionally vague, and are intended to be totally up to the DM. While advancement is pretty much entirely handled by DM fiat, the rest of the systems are more precisely specced. The book has clear rules for ...


The divine ranks are broken up into groups of 5, with a description for set. The description provides a numerical value for the number of worshippers a god must have to be within each band, along with some other requirements. For worshippers, as an example, this goes as follows: 0: They may have some worshipers. 1-5: A demigod has anywhere from a ...

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