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As @Drunken_Guy already pointed out, the table you are looking for is on page 22 of the Player Handbook, however I usually found more useful to simply apply the formula: exp for level X = X * (X - 1) * 500 For example, if you need to now the exp needed for level 3 then exp = 3 * 2 * 500 = 3000 or another example, for level 9 exp = 9 * 8 * 500 = 36000 ...


The info you require are on the first pages of the Player's Handbook. In 3.5 (and I think in other editions as well), info is seperated in the books by the person they refer to. For example the experience points required to level up, is information that the players need and not the DM, that is why it is referenced in the Player's Handbook. This info is not ...

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