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You are missing a very important clause in the example: For example, a dwarf with Rogue as his favored class adds +1/2 to his trap sense ability regarding stone traps each time he selects the alternate Rogue favored class benefit; (emphasis mine) The dwarf is selecting this bonus to trap sense each time he selects a favored class benefit, that is, ...


By the Books There is no answer to this question, either RAW or RAI. NPCs are statted exactly the same as monsters- unlike in Pathfinder and older editions of Dungeons and Dragons, they have no system for progression in the rules. Hence, they do not have levels in character classes. If you decide to house-rule, consider the following rules for adventurers ...


You seem to read 1/2 wrong. 1/2 does not mean 1 per 2 Levels, but a flat bonus of 0.5 (rounded down as per the rules) which means if you only take the Bonus once, it will stay at 0.5 (rounded down = 0), no matter what Level you are. The example with the dwarf is poorly phrased, as it implies, but never actually tells you, that the dwarf chooses the Bonus ...


Nowhere do these bonuses say they scale by level. They don't. When it says +1/2 bonus to a skill? It means only that +1/2 bonus. If you ever want to get any more of a bonus, you have to take it again.

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