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I am not aware of a pure Warlord PP that has a 'lazy' E11 (If you hybrid there are some decent options however). There is however the feat Reserve Maneuver that allows you to replace any encounter power you have with an encounter power from your class that you don't already have. So you can replace the Battle Captain's E11 with a Warlord E1, E3 or E7 power.


I have a Scout/Ranger character (human, now 15/1) and it works great. It’s not really optimized, but for me it’s a lot of fun. It requires tactical thinking and a backup plan though. However, this advice requires the following options from outside the book selection in the original question: Swift Hunter feat (Complete Scoundrel, p. 81): it allows ...


One, your stats are basically incapable of supporting any character who isn’t a pure spellcaster. For a pure spellcaster, those are pretty good stats, but for anyone else they’re painfully poor. An 8 in Constitution is putting your life in grave danger all the time. This is one of many reasons why I recommend against rolled ability scores. Have you spoken to ...

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