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as Tritium21 mentioned, the only truly immortal characters in oWoD are mummies - but then please don't treat it as a "god mode" character with unlimited lives - mummies do come back but it often takes years. If you are more interested by immortality of spirit then you have few more options: one is the mage's avatar (well, almost immortality: avatar can be ...


As Tritium mentioned corewise its a no for a human character BUT there are ways to work around it. That is if it is NOT the human that should have the power: There are beings in the owod who can bring back dead humans with ease regardless of the circumstances of death. I THINK mages have the power to do that (not much into mage myself though but with how ...


No. There is nothing to support this in the published universe of either World of Darkness. There are only things that come close, Mummy: the Resurrection being the closest. As you have indicated that your storyteller has allowed homebrew races, and have also indicated that you wish for your character to actually be able to die only to return to life, I ...


It's one attack even though it has multiple damage types. You roll both damage dice and apply the damage. She drops to 0hp. With 0 death fails or saves. On her next turn she makes a death save. If she then gets hit again while down at 0hp she will automatically gain 1 death fail.


No, it's all one attack. The bludgeoning damage should not have been applied to her hit points until after you'd also rolled the psychic damage; then you apply it all at once as a single attack. Death saves are per damage roll, not per damage die or damage type. Damage rolls frequently have multiple dice and types, but they are still a single damage roll.


What I've done in my Hoard of the Dragon Queen Campaign is to have "the local clerics/priests" resurrect dead characters in exchange for the assistance the party is providing the town. So, if your characters are helping the city (I haven't read the starter set, avoiding spoilers), then local authorities could provide healing in exchange. This means, however, ...


While not specifically targeted at Lost Mine of Phandelver, there are some notes in the Adventurer's League Player Guide PDF (page 11: Death) that might give you some ideas: A character who dies during the course of the adventure has a few options at the end of the session (or whenever arriving back in civilization) if no one in the adventuring party has ...

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