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If you could add the spell to your spellbook, it could be copied by other wizards or made into scrolls. Then it would just be another regular wizard spell. Which is clearly not the intention of how this should work.


No, a wizard cannot add raise dead to his spellbook as the spell is not on the wizard's spell list. The text states that it doesn't need to be in your spellbook to clarify any confusion on whether or not you need it in your spellbook or not.


I would say that, given play styles that allow you to move your character between campaigns and DMs, your DM has an ethical imperative to not deny you the right to play your character through unwillingness to continue his campaign. If the action will never resolve, either ask you DM to resolve it by fiat in a way that allows you to access your character, or ...


Your dead high elf wizard isn't a high elf wizard when he wakes up in the Upper Planes. He is a petitioner - identical in appearance and personality, but lacking the skills and abilities (and much of the memories) that he had in life. A petitioner is essentially rooted in the plane it's arrived to, and can't be taken away from it; its ultimate fate is to ...


Although this has an answer for the Forgotten Realms, the “normal setting” in the PHB is not the Forgotten Realms and there is no canonical answer for just D&D 5e by itself. The DMG goes into more detail about setting, but the basic concept is that the “default” setting of D&D 5e is mostly unwritten so that the DM can build it up from various pieces ...

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