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There is the option to Homebrew some reincarnation rules in order to recreate your character at level 1 with their base stats and some other cool reincarnation benefits. Think Disgaea, but with Dungeons and dragons instead of Hell.


It is really up to the DM to see if players want to push on ahead. There are still many things DMs can do to create post lvl 30 adventures. Lvl 30 just signifies the end of your character's growth in power (which can be changed) if you want to keep pushing after lvl 30.


There can't be an answer for "Pathfinder" in general, as each setting is different. To use an earlier version example, average levels in Greyhawk (rulers are ~9th level, "zero level" rules are a popular variant) were much different from rules in Dark Sun (everyone starts at 3rd level because the world is so high powered). However, for the default Pathfinder ...


While I'm not very familar with Pathfinder, It would be pretty logical that people in political positions without much opportunity for direct conflict would be fairly low level. Adventurers reach higher levels quickly because they take huge risks, while others generally do not. Retired Adventurers are kind of in the middle, usually, the kind who await a ...


It's Setting-dependent In most settings, level isn't synonymous with political power. Kings can be level 1 and farmers can be level 20. It's often easier on the community (and on the setting's verisimilitude) if the most powerful folks are the folks in charge, but that's never mandatory. A highborn, well connected level 2 wizard could be in charge of the ...


Level advancement increases a character's ability to control and influence their environment, but doesn't automatically confer social power or prestige. If this seems counter-intuitive, it's because Pathfinder is not a system that's interested in accurately modelling social hierarchies: it's a system about fighting bad guys and taking their stuff. ...


The idea of L30 is that you've got one last thing to do before you die/retire So basically, you get to L30, you use your newfound awesomeness to complete your quest to save the world (or multiverse, or whatever), and then your hero rides off into the sunset (or dies heroically, or retires to become a deity or whatever). L30 is meant to be a clear end to ...

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