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Not the official character sheets, but charactersheets.minotaur.cc is a very nice character sheet set, complete with a site to customize which sheets you're downloading. Even, better, all of the sheets are released as open source, which means you can modify them to your heart's content. The github repository for the files is at ...


You won't find such a thing online, not legally. The official Pathfinder character sheets are still copyrighted material, even if they give them away free of charge. Nobody (except Paizo) can legally post a PSD version of the sheets online. Consequently, there's no shortcut available if you want to make your own private custom sheet directly based on ...


It's for special properties, primarily the special properties on magic armor. Wild is an example of one. You can also use that space for any other details that don't fit elsewhere, but it's mostly used for special properties on magic armor.


Statistics for Corellon Larethian and numerous other deities can be found, appropriately enough, in the Deities and Demigods sourcebook. Several mortal NPCs of Greyhawk and Faerûn were printed in the Epic Level Handbook. However, you should know the following before getting excited about the statistics: Both books are from 2002, technically released ...

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