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Use a custom sheet! Try to think of the things PCs do in broad terms: Fighting and Exploring. Make an "Explore the Dungeon"-sheet. Fill it with things other characters would notice about your character like age, gender, race, height, weight, a picture, traits, senses (darkvision), languages and so forth. The skill block is needed in explore mode, too. Now ...


The character sheet in Polaris works a little differently than other RPG character sheets. It does some of the things a standard character sheet does, like tracking specific stats, but it has two other important functions. 1: Tracking Expended Themes When a player uses one of the more powerful ritual phrases in Conflict ("And Furthermore ..." or "You Ask ...


I've found a very good app for android only, it's name is AD&D 2e Character Sheet. The thing is that needs some adjusments, needs to be improved and needs some house rules too. But is awesome. Now I am trying to make my own android app...is pretty hard since I have no clue about programming.

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