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Yes, but only the role play aspects You should be able to transfer the role play aspects. In the case of 5e, look at backgrounds and see if the backgrounds given can fit the characters. Get people to play their characters; they will have to be agnostic of the system. You are, as you say, only trying out this new edition.


No The two systems are quite incompatible. Even the expected range of modifiers is different. 4E characters' skills are even going to be wrong. Further, a lot of 4E character abilities apply modifiers to other characters, something that is very rare in 5E. Even the spellcasting principles are differently handled. Saves don't work quite the same; they're ...


Playing multiple characters is certainly viable: you simply make two separate characters and play them both. They are then no different than any other two characters, except that they're controlled by the same player. (You need to clear the whole idea with your GM first though, else it becomes distinctly un-viable.) To make them work together you just ...


Not really They're two completely different systems, and you'll get quite a headache trying to figure it out. It'll be much easier to just pre-make some new characters for them then to try and make a 4e character work in 5e. For a few interesting points: a 4e character, even a Wizard has in the region of 25 hit points and about 5 or so Healing Surges; a 5e ...

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