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You have one regular attack and one extra attack. You can attack one target twice and one target once, or three different targets once. This is not quite the same as three attacks, as three attacks would allow you to attack one target thrice, while Horde Breaker requires that you attack a different target. But yes, the total of attacks is 3.


Yes, you make three attacks. With Extra Attack you attack twice when taking the Attack action. Having attacked with a weapon, you satisfy the prereq for Horde Breaker, and can now make another attack. Note that PHB5e ca. p.194 helps draw the distinction between "Attack action" and "make an attack."


If unconcerned with enhancement bonuses and only needing the weapon special abilities, the 1st-level artificer infusions personal weapon augmentation [trans] (Eberron Campaign Setting 117) et al. and personal natural weapon augmentation [trans] (Races of Eberron 188) et al. grant weapon special abilities to one of the creature's weapons or natural weapons.1 ...


No, Knowing a spell is not enough to transcribe or copy it All the methods given for putting spells into a Wizard's spellbook require that Wizard has seen the spell in written form. Their options are transcribing a spell that they have prepared (by reading it from their spellbook), or copying spells they have found in other written sources such as scrolls, ...


No. Extra Attack can only be used when taking the Attack Action. Spellcasting doesn't use the attack action so you can't use Extra Attack to cast spells.


The prestige class black blood cultist (Champions of Ruin 44-8) gains at level 6 as part of its extraordinary ability feral rage this ability: At 6th level and higher, whenever you hit with both of your claw attacks during a rage, you rend your opponent’s flesh, automatically dealing double claw damage in addition to normal damage. (45) Thus, after the ...

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