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Bonuses (+X) always stack. Things that double, halve, replace, or negate numbers have special rules, none of which have anything to do with this particular case.


Maybe not, but it's unclear The only interaction between multiple ability modifiers that I can recall at the moment is Unarmored Defense. Namely: The Barbarian and Monk's Unarmored Defense do not stack. Given that evidence alone, I would tend to say no, you cannot add it twice. That being said, I can definitely see how damage rolls are very different ...


Yes, you would add your charisma modifier twice to the spell.


Yes, you could store the points and give your PC the 1-2 point evolution, and then change them out when you gain a level, just as you can change the delegation of the other evolution pool points. Aspect At 10th level, a summoner can divert up to 2 points from his eidolon’s evolution pool to add evolutions to himself. ... The summoner can change the ...


The supernatural ability aspect of healing possessed by the prestige class Singer of Concordance (Races of the Dragon 91-6) is unclear as to how it's supposed to function. No errata nor Sage Advice discusses the ability. The DM must rule what, exactly, the aspect of healing affects. House Rules However, were a Singer of Concordance present in my campaign, ...


Yes the ki power will inflict the stunned conditioned, unless the creature is immune to the stunned condition. The Monster Manual defines this on page 8 (Chapter 1: Statistics: Vulnerabilities, Resistances, Immunities) Some creatures have vulnerability, resistance, or immunity to certain types of damage. Additionally some creatures are immune to certain ...

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