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Under the Mounted Combat section of the SRD, it states that If the mount provokes an opportunity attack while you're on it, the attacker can target you or the mount. The rules make no mention of monsters being forced to attack one or the other, so they attack at the Dungeon Master's discretion.


They get to say which one of you they want to attack. The mount is usually easier to hit, but killing the mount still lets you attack on foot. Attacking the rider is harder, but more effective if successful. Your GM is making a tactically sound decision by attacking you, since you are the real danger and don't have as much HP. With the mount, he would have ...


You can become invisible during combat, but using Cloak of Night is an Instant action that's not reflexive. If you are rolling to vanish from sight, that's what you're doing for your round that combat; you cannot shoot or strike and then try to use Cloak. That means it's best to disengage first, as the people who are fighting you have a chance to oppose you ...

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