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As has been pointed out, concealment is now handled under Vision and Light on page 183 of the PHB. Light Concealment covers dim light, patchy fog, moderate foliage, etc. etc. and imposes disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks. Heavy Concealment covers darkness, opaque fog, heavy foliage, etc. etc. and blocks vision entirely. Heavy Concealment refers ...


Concealment is indeed not a game term in 5e. However, the concept still exists. Darkness and other effects that obscure vision can prove a significant hindrance Namely, these kinds of things do not produce a direct accuracy penalty, but instead provide disadvantage or even the effects of the Blinded condition. There are two states here. Lightly ...


AFAIK the idea covered by Concealment in 3.x is now handled by the rules for Vision and Light, under The Environment section of the PHB, page 183. (Fog, foliage, etc make a terrain either lightly or heavily obscured, which may have different effects on combat etc.)

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