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Sure, sounds reasonable. Be aware this is a conditional ruling you are making as a GM and not any part of the established rules, but it's a totally reasonable ruling and even consistent with applications of the light spell in early editions of D&D. But it doesn't sound like you think this is RAW or that you are playing a RAW game and in anything but ...


Ferring is correct. However it would be entirely reasonable for a GM to allow you to dazzle a creature if you made a dirty trick combat manoeuvre with the Dancing Lights (which would still be a standard action as per Dirty Trick). As a GM I would also allow you to blind the target if the targeted creature had Light Blindness or Light Sensitivity (note that ...


Dancing lights is a 0 level spell, with a useful effect similar to light. While there is another 0 level spell called Flare which does cause the dazzle condition, Flare does not provide any meaningful light. Since the spell as described doesn't say it causes the effect, then there's no desired effect.

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