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Well, that's a lot of money, actually 1,320,000gp - And you could do a lot with that. Rather then going through from A-Z, I'll point you to a few items of note, and direct you to the Item Creation Rules to look at the rest. The majority of the Abilities you are looking for can be obtained with items. Keep in mind that Noble Drow start with +4 Dex, +2 int, ...


It's up to you The translation guides are, at their core, home-brew suggestions. You, the ST, have to fill in a lot of blanks to make that kind of game work, mostly in the fluff. It is intentionally left up to you if Aetheric Resonance, et. al. works on the Fallen or not. It is impossible for me to say 'yes or no', but only can tell you that you are ...


Unfortunately, you can't. 4e and 5e have wildly different mechanics. Furthermore, 4e and 5e character creation processes will produce characters with very different average ACs, attack bonuses, and hit point totals. There simply isn't any way to use a 4e character in a 5e game; the best you can do is attempt to create a new 5e character based on the 4e ...


I've done almost exactly that, except I also had some house-rules in combat mechanics. This was around 5 years ago, so the particulars are a little hazy. In general, I think, it was pretty straightforward - as far as I remember I converted stats basically on the fly, without any special preparation.

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