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There is no size restriction on Entangling Exhalation. This isn't spelled out explicitly by any rule. Rather, it is derived from a lack of contradicting rules text. Entangling Exhalation ("any creature that takes damage from your breath weapon becomes entangled") applies the Entangled condition to the creature. Neither the condition nor the feat reference ...


A bullet shot from a small-sized Staff Sling deals 1d6 Just as the table indicates, using the weapon in this fashion deals 1d6 points of damage. The Medium is for other users and corner cases For example, if you cast Enlarge Person on the halfling, that damage value becomes relevant. A human who masters the Staff Sling would use a medium one as well.


No, there is no size limitation @Ernir covered this nicely. Nor should there be. Entangling Exhalation is a nice, reliable form of crowd-control on a class that is otherwise a bit lackluster. Unless or until the Dragonfire Adept gets the fivefold breath of Tiamat, the damage from the breath weapon is on the low end. The class’ chassis (HD, saves, ...


The listing in the description is just there so that in the most common cases (Small and Medium) you don’t have to go look up the Natural Attacks by Size Table. A weapon that deals 1d6 when Medium deals 1d8 when Large, so yes, your claws deal 1d8. The linked table can be used to scale up or down any natural weapon (and its more-or-less identical to a ...

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