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To remove the Crippled effect you have a few options: Natural Rest for a week and roll a Resilience Check to remove the Critical Injury. This will remove both the penalty and the critical injury. Recieve Medical Care, and after a week of treatment the doctor can roll a Medicine Check. This will remove both the penalty and the critical injury. Buy a ...


The healing of permanent impairment crits does not remove the impairment; it does remove the +10 on future crit rolls.


Permanent and Temporary injuries are in the sense that their effects either last until the end of the current encounter, or their effects will last until the critical injury is healed. Paraphrasing the core rulebook: The short-term effects of some injuries are temporary Other injuries are more serious and represent some sort of long-term ...


There Is No Difference When [you have advantage], you roll a second d20 when you make the roll. Use the higher of the two rolls… (PH 173). Even though you're rolling two dice, you are only using one of them, and thus it's a normal, everyday, vanilla critical hit.


Yes for the Champion's instance of an expanded critical range. Improved Critical specifically says you score a critical hit on a 19 or 20. A critical hit is a type of hit; by scoring one, you've also scored a hit. If the word 'critical' wasn't there, the ability would certainly read as if you couldn't miss on a 19 or 20. This is in contrast to if the ...

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