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Core: Light Pick The light pick is a 1d4 damage, 20 crit, ×4 multiplier light martial weapon. Weighs 3 lbs, costs 4 gp. 4d4 averages only 10 damage, but if you have, say, 14 Strength that’s 4d4+8 for 18, plus your Sneak Attack damage whatever it is, for a pretty nasty Fort save. Not much is surviving that regularly. And that’s ignoring ...


Enjoy the absurdly-named exotic weapon, the Dragonsplit Appearing the Monster Manual IV in the Greenspawn Sneak entry, the dragonsplit can be used as a piercing weapon like a short sword. Alternative grips use its long edge for slashing attacks or its short edge for chopping and hacking. It counts as a light weapon for the purpose of Two-Weapon ...


Try the Gnome Battlepick, an exotic weapon from the Arms and Equipment Guide. 1d6 damage, 4x crit. The Arms and Equipment Guide being a 3.0 book, it is listed as a "small" weapon.

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