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Correct, critical hits do not have to be confirmed. Any 20 on an attack die is a critical hit. (Fighters eventually score critical hits on rolls of 19, and then 18, also.) Rolling a 1 or 20 ...If the d20 roll for an attack is a 20, the attack hits regardless of any modifiers or the target's AC. In addition, the attack is a critical hit. (PHB5e p194) ...


Wizards of the Coast: No. Mongoose Publishing: Yes. Analyze Unliving: Pick a monster type: Construct, Elemental, Ooze, plant, or Undead. You can do sneak attacks against a monster of that type, but they are d4 damage dice instead of d6 damage dice. (Ultimate Feats) Some Friendly Advice If you can't sneak attack, then you have one thing that you can ...

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