Cyberpunk is the "Roleplaying game of the dark future" where players take on different roles to make the next big score, make a real change in the world, or just see what happens in the gritty cyberpunk setting of Night City. It is 2nd edition to R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk & developed by Mike Pondsmith.

Cyberpunk is the second edition of the "Roleplaying game of the dark future" by R.Talsorian games. It is set in a the year 2020 of a dystopic alternate timeline starting 1990 where the world economy, social and political order has collapsed multiple times, and is in an ongoing disarray. Huge multinational corporations are the new powers that be, while most sovereign states have been forced to become supporting entities for the former. Technology, especially cybernetic augmentation and the Net has permeated the globe, but combined with the greatly deepened socio-economic chasm between the rich and the poor, such technologies have quite extraordinary, techno-primitive manifestations at the street level.

The characters in Cyberpunk are the edgerunners. Independent souls that have rejected both the polished slavery of the giant corporations and the squalid misery of the street, they embrace their changing world and take control of their destinies. They have chips in their brains, interface plugs in their wrists, binary code in their soul. They are the cyberpunks.

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