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You are correct, you apply resistance first then the half damage. This is stated in the Rules Compendium, and the glossary entries entries of MM2 and MM3 say almost the same thing. Rules Compendium p226 (or MM3 p217 and 218, or MM2): Half Damage Some powers deal half damage when they miss, and some effects, such as the weakened condition, cause ...


The answer is on page 145 of the DM Manual. A creature's damage resistance is ineffective against combined damage types unless the creature has damage resistance to each of the damage types, and the only the weakest of the resistances applies. For example, a creature has resist 10 lighting and resist 5 thunder and an attack deals 15 lightning and ...


Normally it does bludgeoning. So as the other commenters have said it would not overcome dr/slashing. However there is a nice little feat called versatile strike that allows unarmed strikes to do piercing, slashing,or bludgeoning at your choice as a swift action each turn. Hope that helps. The feat is in player's handbook II.

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