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Yes, you must apply all the damage--but you can still leave your target alive. (Except in the case of instant death: "when damage reduces [one] to 0 hit points and there is damage remaining, [one dies] if the remaining damage equals or exceeds [one's] hit point maximum." (PHB5e, 197) Monsters and Death Most DMs have a monster die the instant it ...


You can choose to KNOCK-OUT the creature when you deal damage with a melee attack On page 198 of the 5e PHB it says when you drop a creature to 0 hp with a melee attack you can choose to knock it unconscious instead of killing it. From there tie it up with your rope and then wake him up and, bam! You can interrogate your prisoner.


Lava deals an appropriate amount of damage for the level of the characters and the intensity of the challenge you want them to face. 4e doesn't use static numbers based on the objective source of the damage; in 4e the mechanics scale with the party, according to the thing's role in the story, in order to challenge the group appropriately. Lava is probably ...


Instead of Force Push, you could use: Force Thrust: You use the force to push a target away from you. (Saga Edition Core Rule Book, p. 98) There is a nice little Non-Lethal Force Powers Index that should be able to help you out. As far as using lethal force powers and not dealing damage, or reduced damage, that would entirely rest upon your GM's ...

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