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Yes You've already listed the related rules. Yes, additional damage dice are doubled on a critical hit. Yes, that means you can choose to smite when you see you've got a critical hit. Yes, it's pretty good.


The extra damage from these abilities can be applied after you hit a creature. In order to know if you've hit a creature, you (usually) need to know the result of your d20 attack roll. So regardless of whether or not the roll ends up being a critical, you can wait until after the die roll to apply the extra damage.


Straight from a physics perspective, if the flight is winged in benefit, then it would be a straight physics fall. So in a straight physics argument, I'd say you get no extra falling damage benefit for your PC's flying on downward decent. That's just gravity and your PC's mass (dependent on how we interpret the body of wind discipline's no fall damage ...

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