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Mage hand doesn't make a hand, therefore there is nothing to effect. Reread the spell description. It's just telekinesis on one object. If your game plays that there's a "special effect" of a hand that appears, that's fine, but has no bearing on the spell effect, which has no such thing.


Since "mage hand" isn't described as a construct of any sort or having any hit points, I'd assume nothing happens. Heck, part of the appeal of Mage Hand is that it nets you fine manipulation at range with little risk to yourself.


Those are the damage per tier. Many abilities and powers show their damage tiered. Being the first number heroic, second number parangon and third epic. The levels for every tier are, Heroic: 1-10 Parangon: 11-20 Epic: 21-30


It doesn't look like you are calculating anything wrong from what you've said. The thing you are doing wrong is assuming that a critical hit with max damage is anything close to likely, it should only happen about a quarter of a percent of the time (.28%). On average you are going to be doing around 10 or 11 damage per round. Let's look at a few monsters ...


The fighter is one of the weakest classes in the game, but 1st is a relatively good time to be one Pathfinder, to an extent, implements linear warriors, quadratic wizards.1 That means that low levels are better for mundane characters, and high levels are better for magical characters. So your potency will not last. After all, right now you have 20 Strength. ...


If you are looking to build a non-lethal melee build to keep up in comparative damage to lethal combat, I recommend the Justiciar Prestige Class. Found on pages 47-48 of the Complete Warrior source-book, The Justiciar is a full base attack progression class with good will saves. Appears to be intended for rogue or ranger classes (Entry reqs include the Track ...


The average damage from ongoing damage is approximately 181% of the damage. The damage expression is an infinite series that converges. Here are the first few terms of the series: .45^Z^0 + .45*Z^1 + .45^2*Z + .45^3*Z....(.45^i)*Z If we assume Z is 5, the first five terms are: 5+ 2.25 + 1.0125 + .455625 + .20503125 + .0922640625 Summing these we ...

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