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I asked Tim Brown, one of the setting's creators, and this is what he said: That was just rumor, nothing more, don't know where it started. We got people telling us that the Athas map laid directly onto the Forgotten Realms map, but that wasn't actually true.


Edit/Note: I've just undeleted this answer of mine, originally posted practically minutes after Raddu's. Having had the exact same wording of the exact same answer, I didn't feel like "contending" - in fact, I don't feel like that now either, but have decided to bring this back anyway, for history's sake - and to present a link. Just like Raddu, I also ...


In a "High psionics campaign", which Athas definately qualifies as, I would recommend allowing everyone to take this feat: Unlocked Talent for free or as an option (depending on how you want to run things). It keeps things interesting, keeps it balanced and allows for first level powers. Hidden Talent is also a potential "freebie" to hand out, depending on ...


While Tim Brown denies that the Athas setting was the future of any of TSR's game worlds, that it was inaccessible via Spelljammer and via planar travel in Planescape tends strongly to imply that others at TSR felt it to be either the future of one of the settings, or that it's majorly imbalanced; perhaps both. Given the post-holocaust feel, it was a ...

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