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In Deathwatch rpg you measure how well you do things against others by comparing degrees of success in what the rules calls an opposed test. For every 10% you roll below or above your percentage you gain one degree of success or failure. So if your character with WS 70 roll 47, he has 2 degrees of success (70-47=23, use only the tens). If your opponent ...


An habitual houserule for our group when playing games with percentile-based rolls is to compare success margins: Following your example, with both attacker and defender with 70 in their relevant skills. Both of them roll and get the following results: The attacker rolls and gets 55. He succeeds by a margin of 15. (70 - 55) The defender rolls and gets ...


Deathwatch and Rogue Trader use different psychic power rules to Dark Heresy; there is a half hearted attempt to reconcile them in the core Rogue Trader book but they're still not really compatible. This is probably worth bearing in mind if you're going to bring psyker characters from the Dark Heresy into Deathwatch. Dark Heresy uses a system derived from ...


Going by your quote (which was not changed in the errata), 5xPR bonus applies to each and every Focus Power test. For example, rank 1 Librarian with WP 54 and Psi Rating 3, who pushes to PR 6, has to roll under 54 (WP) + 0 (Focus Power test is Challenging by default) +5*6 (PR) = 84.

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