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Play a Paladin with a shield: Bastion (armor and intercepting damage), Challenge (making attacking someone else than you a bad idea), Lay on Hands (quick action healing).


First things first — You're not going to have nearly as much lock-down capability as tanks in Pathfinder or 4E. 13th Age just isn't built to be as granular in combat. With that said… If you are playing without a map, you can probably still use terrain. It's extremely unlikely that you're always playing in a flat unobstructed field. Ask your ...


Perhaps try to talk the GM into a feat that allows you to intercept ranged attacks. Enemies that get +5 to disengage are special (that's their schtick) so you shouldn't be perfect locking them down. Again if you want to be the best at it, maybe spend a feat with GM approval.


As an avid 13th Age GM and player I allow my players to intercept ranged attacks, this allows those who build tank type characters to feel that they can really protect their party mates. The balancing factor then is that recoveries are limited and most healing spells use up the pool of recoveries of the person being healed and not of the healer. So when ...

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