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These aren't from an RPG, they are from the Star Wars Galactic Battle Game by Hasbro. Clearer image: The symbols on the dice correspond to skills. Rolling the die grants a bonus to the corresponding attribute. Each card has its own list of bonuses, but lists all the attributes and their corresponding symbols:


If the goal is to keep having fewer dice from being advantageous for avoiding fumbles, this change mostly succeeds. The pessimal pool size (fumble-wise) under the original mechanics ranges from three to seven; with the new mechanics it is consistently two, except when the target is very high (a 9 or a 10). There are some other effects, however: the ...


I'm going to answer this in a more general sense, but it should give you the information you need. Using multiple d6 in place of other dice will generally result in more tightly averaged roll results. For instance, 3d6 gives a range between 3 and 18, as opposed to 1d20 giving a range of...well, one to twenty. You'll also see a tendency for rolls to be ...

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