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I wouldn't say it has to be world-ending, it just has to be appropriately large that one or more of the player's kickers play a significant development in how the world changes. On pg. 142 of Dictionary of Mu it says that the end of the an epoch is "defined by the player's kickers." So I think it certainly could involve an end-of-the-world condition, but I ...


It is very much up to the table to decide this. I think you'll know when someone links to the setting in a way that is meaningful to everyone. It could be a character talking about something they read out of the book, from a character using something that you just described in their description of their character's actions.


The rules in Mu are a little unspecified here, but the way that I have handled it is that the 1-3 bonus can be used once. Of course the cumulative successes rule applies, so those dice can help beyond just Contacting (if that's the point they are used in), but I think adding them into every single roll as a given bonus gets too extraneous. That said, I tend ...


Epochs can absolutely be good things. Here's what I am saying. I am not saying the GM should decide what the next epoch means. I am saying you end the game with the player having taken over Black Rock and killed Nimrote. The GM does not then do something catastrophic in order to end the epoch unless it comes organically out of play. You end the session, do ...

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