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Magic Item Compendium, p. 5: "My armor? +3 adamantine light fortification full plate. I wouldn't leave home without it." —Tordek Quite specific. Neither an axe nor a sword though.


There are two ways to interpret these rules. It comes down to how you read the header. Does the header describe the immunity and the following text clarifies it? Or is the header a name for a section of rules text? Under the first interpretation you would read the rules as follow: The Deity is immune to Transmutation, [such as] polymorphing, ...


For some of the magic classes which have special abilities such as the Magus, the ability to attack with a touch spell with the weapon is very powerful. Sure its not as great of a range as ranged touch spells, but now touch spells can be delivered safely, and you might even be able to trip like others were mentioning.

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