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YogoZuno mentioned PCGen. I have been using it for a few months for my game. It is great for creating PCs and NPCs, but the GMGen (DM tools) module is a little buggy. I found that the encounter tool (for tracking initiatives, HPs, etc) would work for one combat, then crash when I tried to start the next. I ended up creating my own Excel spreadsheet with ...


The only thing about potion brewing that master alchemist changes is the highest level of spell you may put in one. All the other limitations on potions are still in effect. For example: Brew Potion Benefit You can create a potion of any [...] spell that you know and that targets one or more creatures. [...] Whoever drinks the potion is ...


No. Ranks are raw skill. All other bonuses are just that, bonuses, and added after the fact. Anything that specifies skill rank as a requirement means the raw skill rate, not the adjusted one.

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