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Not in any meaningful way, no. Both 3.5e and 5e are largely defined by their character systems. If your DM likes 3.5e, then the exact thing you like in 5e is precisely in conflict with what someone wants from a 3.5e game. In theory you could convert a 5e character to 3.5e, but that would defeat the purpose of making the character in 5e in the first place.


No The rules are, despite having similar names for things and some similarities in implementation, completely separate. They do not work together, and a campaign has to choose which edition to use.


Action points (also seen in Eberron) let you do this, albeit at only once per round unless you can convince your GM to remove that restriction.


I can only answer with regards to Pathfinder. The Speed weapon ability will grant you an extra attack. This will require a +3 Amulet of Mighty Fists. Also, while not entirely applicable to you, if you somehow become an animal companion and don't enough natural attacks for its modified Multiattack, you gain an iterative attack with your natural attack. ...


Rapidstrike and Improved Rapidstrike give claws pseudo-iteratives The Rapidstrike and Improved Rapidstrike feats from Draconomicon allow claws to be used more often in a single full-attack. In addition to high BAB requirements (+10 and +15 respectively), they require that you be one of the following types: aberration dragon elemental magical beast plant ...


The 3.5 Two Weapon Fighting feat already includes the benefit of 3.0 Ambidexterity. 3.0 Two Weapon Fighting penalties: If a normal character (i.e. a character without the multiattack and/or multidexterity feats) wields a second weapon (fights two handed), that character can get one extra attack per round with that weapon. Fighting in this way is very ...


They do not stack at all. Ambidexterous not appearing in 3.5 is not a case of oversight or cutting content to save space. You have to remember that the entire purpose of 3.5 was to revise a significant number of design defects in 3.0. In 3.0, any character who wanted to take Two-Weapon Fighting was functionally guaranteed to take Ambidexterous, which led to ...


1Please read the entire entry including the notes at the bottom before downvoting this answer! I don't like this answer in principle but the tag RAW requires this answer that I strongly disagree with in implementation! No, going strictly Rules-As-Written2 a Demilich can NOT use Astral Projection on itself (and by extension can NOT use the ability at ...


In Pathfinder, which is not 3.5, these sorts of immunities are the same as spell immunity (i.e. 'effectively unbeatable spell resistance) and a case could be made that golems et al. could lower their resistance voluntarily. In 3.5, magic immunity is just that: an immunity, and this is not how the ability works. Magic Immunity in 3.5 is defined per creature ...


If you look in the Description of the Demilich on the SRD, it specifically stats that it normally uses Harm to heal itself. That and the Spell astral projection specifically states that you have to go with the the party, it would seem that its magic immunity is against any but its own magic.


This Answer has been updated to reflect newly found material Yes, the Demilich can use Astral Projection, even on himself. Infact, from reading the spell you HAVE to go with your intended travelers if you want to use the spell at all. As my other answer clarified, "Magic Immunity" is not the same as "Spell Immunity," and while I would argue that they are ...

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