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27 extra damage There are two conditions on the targeted creature: Vulnerable 10 radiant Vulnerable 17 all Your attack deals a number of points of damage, and the vulnerability gets applied. In addition you have an extra feat feature that is invoked because the target has radiant vulnerability and you are attacking with a non-radiant power. It is true ...


It would only trigger once. This is because the trigger is written "one or more" and 3 is one or more. If it had instead been "Whenever you hit a target" it would indeed trigger 3 times.


Teleportation is movement, as shown in your second quoted blurb. Teleportation is not blocked by certain things that block normal movement, but power effects may still block it. Magic Circle is an effect that blocks movement for some creatures. Magic circle does not specify any particular vulnerabilities regarding teleportation. Magic circle thus blocks ...

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