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Age (and height and weight) weren't determined mechanically in any edition until AD&D, and even in AD&D it was only a suggested system rather than the default. Once AD&D introduced the idea, it was (as far as I know) never incorporated into the Basic D&D line.


In addition to all of the above plus the simple 1 per 4 levels of the d20 OGL you might look at a game called Chronicles of Ramalar. It had a system called Demeanor and Theme which each character had four circles with 12 dots around them. A goal was written in each circle and every time the character did something to advance to that goal a dot was colored ...


Often, groups I've played with used the "whenever the DM feels like it" house rule. Frequently this was done in conjunction with one of several guidelines: As part of a finished quest: This could be a major milestone for the party as a whole (much like an XP reward) or when a character completes a specific, personal undertaking. Such a personal quest may ...


There are none, but it's possible that you don't actually need to increase scores. As far back as his proto-D&D Blackmoor campaign, Dave Arneson used a method where he would roll from two to five d6 (depending on the difficulty of the task) and roll under some relevant characteristic, plus 1 point for every two character levels. So if you were a ...

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