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The tools for 4th edition will stay online as long a people continue to pay for them. D&D insider will continue to be a subscription service for 4th edition content (compendium, character builder, Dungeon and Dragon mags) only. The digital tools for 5th edition were being developed seperately by a company called Trap Door Technologies (TDT). The ...


Dragon and Dungeon Magazine were not cancelled but put on hiatus In years past, when we found ourselves at the lonely crossroads between game editions, the magazines simply went from one edition to the next with nary a breath in between. This time is different. As we turn our attention to the next D&D rules set, we’re putting Dragon and Dungeon on ...


What Mike Mearls said over a year ago on Reddit was: "I can't say any specific about digital tools, but we're 100% committed to making them happen. I think the easiest way to make D&D fade would be to mistake the core thing about D&D with the way it's delivered. D&D has survived and thrived over the years because it engages the ...


The latest information we have is that D&D Insider will remain for 4e as long as there are enough people to support it. For 5e, for now, digital tools will exist in the form of www.dungeonscape.com

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