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Miniature Rarity, Circle is common, Diamond is uncommon, Star is rare and Circle-Star is ultra-rare.


D&D miniatures is an entirely different game. The main similarities are: Square Grid (and scale, though D&D can be played on any scale). d20 mechanic World Otherwise they have nothing to do with one another.


The best solution is probably to make your own. You'll need three things The weapon. This can be accomplished one of two ways, steal it from an existing mini, or pick up a weapon sprue from your favorite mini house, look in their conversions section. Don't worry if it has a hand attached to it, you can bury the hand in green stuff. Greenstuff. This is a ...


Paizo and WizKids just announced pre-painted minis for Pathfinder. Unlike the D&D minis, they're not randomized. If you want to paint your own, there's always Reaper Miniatures.


The three 'starter' boxed sets (Dungeon, Wilderness, City) do not. All of the six-sheet packs (the original DTx and DUx series, and current DNx) have a couple of suggested designs on the interior covers. (In a few cases, one or two of the suggested designs require two copies of the set - particularly "Arcane Towers", which was designed around buying two ...


There are pre-painted non-collectible plastic minis from Reaper in their Legendary Encounters line. Those, D&D Minis, and the upcoming Paizo/Wizkids minis are the most on point. We also use Dreamblade, Horroclix, and other minis of that sort from WotC and WizKids - our group demands lots of minis and none of us have the time for painting and that kind ...


WotC does a lot of cross over between the two. You will often, for example, see a Mini's power make it into the Character Builder. So mechanically, they are very similar. Also, the mini's sets are designed to be used in 4ed games in addition to the skirmishing game, so they tend to follow similar release formats. For example, Eberron themed mini's came ...


I just ordered some minis off (Not affiliated with them in any way.) Most of the stuff here is from Wizards, but you can buy them individually so you don't have to get an entire set for one character you want... The prices seem reasonable (about $1 per for most of them) and there was a pretty large selection. Also, the guy was really easy to ...


New stores crop up online with Wizards figs quite a bit, but another option might be to search for WizKids Mage Knight figurines and rebase them with 1" bases.


Correct, Wave D2 was recently released, not surprisingly with a D&D theme, and has a smaller base to make them more D&D friendly. All previous sets had bases that were a little large but in practice, seldom caused a problem as long as I avoided using too many of the in confined maps.

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