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Draconomicon (v 3.5) has the best information I have found to piece together what dragons think like and for the most part they are like geniuses that feel a small urge to eat sheep and hoard treasure. The most important element shaping a dragon’s outlook and state of mind is time. Dragons have no desire to live for the moment; they have a vast ...


Just tell him to use his first feat for the Extra Dragonic Gift feat and take the Humanoid Gift that way at level 1. There, problem solved.


Introduce Xorvintaal Xorvintaal is a draconic game described in Monster Manual V. It is awesome and fantastic and perfect for PCs interacting with dragons. In many ways, Xorvintaal is like chess, very much about grand strategy, long-term planning, and using all the pieces on the board, from the lowliest pawn to the great queen. But it’s not played ...


I think your problem is not personality - any noble can have the same fiery, haughty personality that a dragon can, albiet they won't actually know everything that has happened in the last 500 years. You need to emphasize the one major difference that a dragon has over your average haughty noble, something that is very, very easy to notice about dragons. ...


There are a lot of solutions here. Give him a magic item anyway, as discussed in the similar question Should I allow a Wondrous Item on level 1 character creation?. It's a third party class/race anyway, move the "Pass as Human" ability up a couple levels and push some other ability they get back a couple levels in compensation. He could stay outside the ...


As a dragon is already pretty beefy, I guess you can just stack some more level adjustment/penality (DD3.5 monster PC way) or use a specific class for 1st level with almost no feats/bonus/stats except this disguise ability.

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