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The easy answer is yes. But there's a few things that you need to know about Hacking and assigning devices. As a hacker, technomancer, or anyone with a commlink, you have a number of devices you can Subscribe to your PAN (Personal Area Network). These are the devices that are currently being monitored by your commlink and that you can directly interface ...


Try looking in Arsenal, p105. This hint taken from the Arsenal Errata. It looks like this is a known bug, try this discussion for... a discussion. Hah! Drone cheat sheet suggests: 6. Subtract the Recoil Compensation from the number of rounds fired this Phase, then subtract one; the dif ference is the recoil modifier.


It looks like, according to this max 6 dice is a system design decision, but I haven't touched 4e shadowrun in a long while.


Drones may use Defense autosoft to improve their dodge. (SR4A p.246) It is specified that A drone equipped with a Defense autosoft can parry against melee attacks (using Defense + Pilot) and use full defense (p. 160) against an incoming attack Using full defense allow to dodge bullets with Reaction + Defense rating (here used instead of Dodge) ...

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