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Since the transformation can be considered magical, I believe your stomach size changes in percentages. For example: when you eat an entire deer when transformed into an Allosaurus, you are 100% full. When you transform back into your human self, you're still 100% full. Your stomach can then be compared to Hermiones handbag (Harry Potter) or Nakors ...


Ask your DM This is not covered by any rule in the PHB or DMG. The only rule that comes a little close to this would be equipment, but that doesn't sufficiently cover it. Personally, I would rule that the food in your stomach is part of you, and it would change size with you, but it is not covered by any current rules, and is therefore up to your DM.


The shield gives +1 to AC in the printed version of the book. It is most likely a peculiar typo in the pdf, as it makes much more sense to grant the ability to use a shield without penalties if it actually does something.


No, Winter Wolf is a monstrosity, druids can only Wild Shape into beasts Starting at 2nd level, you can use your action to magically assume the shape of a beast that you have seen before.

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