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The Ioun Stone comes from Jack Vance's Dying Earth series, which is where the "fire and forget" spell casting of D&D came from too, as well as some of the spells such as prismatic spray. The stones are harvested from the core of neutron stars that are being sliced away by the Nothing at the edge of the universe and are therefore rare and difficult to ...


There's a pronunciation guide on the Wikipedia Page, which references an old FAQ, for whatever that's worth. Essentially it's pronounced how its spelled, no real trick to it. Might help to think of it as "Smurf-Neblin", only with a V instead of the M in smurf. Doesn't really roll off the tongue no matter how you pronounce it, but I'd guess that's half the ...


The Spice Jar from the Ferun setting is close to what you describe. It does however provide some bonuses aside from good tasting food. A Pathfinder solution could easily be created using Wonderous Items rules. With DM approval any item can be created. This item would likely be a continuous prestidigitation effect. Which by This Chart means it would cost ...


From Dragon #73, for AD&D 2nd Edition: Pan of Spicing A 9-inch, round iron pan with the runic "S" embossed on the handle. Any food fried in this pan is magically spiced to the cook's taste—quite a boon in areas where spice is scarce.

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